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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I have a blog right?

I have to more diligent with this blog, I keep getting backtracked with other things like tumblr and twitter.

Where to start?
This NHL offseason has been crazy, it's my first one and it has been a rollercoaster. Many of the Blackhawks have been traded to the Atlanta Thrashers which is bittersweet but from what I have read it's a good move for both teams considering the salary cap. I wish MLB had a salary cap, it would make things very interesting in strategy amongst the two leagues and maybe the Yankees won't be able to buy their World Series Championship, but I digress, this is for hockey not baseball!

I am going to miss all the Hawks that have been traded but I will support them in Blackhawks and maybe even Thrashers colors (but not Leafs - sorry Versteeg!) when they play the Devils and the Rangers. I already plan on buying an Andrew Ladd Thrashers shirt when it's released. Out of all the players traded, I am going to miss Ladd the most. He was underrated and played extremely hard throughout the whole season especially the playoffs where he played injured! Andrew's heart and talent will be greatly appreciated in Atlanta so I'm relieved, plus he will be in good company with Eager, Sopel, and Byfuglien.
Other two exits are Versteeg to the Toronto Maple Leafs and Burish to the Dallas Stars.

I know we are all curious to see the team chemistry come next season, many fans are anxious about it and I admit I was at first, but I have faith in my team and in things working out.

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