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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kris Letang - Pittsburgh Magazine Scans!

I know this isn't Blackhawks related, but I'm going to start scanning interesting articles of interest to myself and maybe my viewers!

Pittsburgh Penguins' Defenseman Kris Letang was featured in a local magazine titled Pittsburgh Magazine for their November 2010 issue.

I scanned the article and have included images from the photoshoot for the spread with this post.
I hope you enjoy it - the article and photos were nicely done.

Hope you all have a great Halloween!

Photoshoot credit to Brian Cohen and Pittsburgh Magazine:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today's Morning skate interviews

Great match up tonight!
I hope my fellow Blackhawks fans from Chicago and all over the world can tune in on their television or computers to watch this game! Turco will be in the net for the Hawks tonight and as for Luongo, he had a shaking start Tuesday night in Minnesota. It will definitely be an interesting matchup between Turco and Luongo, but the Canucks may go with Cory Schneider who had 32 saves in his NHL victory Sunday night in 5-1 win over the Hurricanes.
6 GP 7
2 W 4
3 L 2
1 OT 1
5 P 9
0.417 P% 0.643
2.33 G/G 3.29
2.83 GA/G 2.86
25.0 PP% 28.0
78.6 PK% 88.5
29.8 S/G 30.7
30.3 SA/G 33.7
57.5 FO% 49.8

I wouldn't call this a completely even match up but it's two talented teams coming together.
The game wil be exciting, tense, and hopefully result in a win for the Blackhawks!

The Vancouver Canucks versus the Blackhawks at the United Center, game time is 8:00 PM Central (9 PM Eastern).
Here are the Morning Skate interviews:
Coach Q

Duncan Keith

Jonathan Toews

Patrick Kane

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kaner talks about his first "rookie" card and growing up in Buffalo

A short little piece on Patrick Kane's "real" rookie card and collecting now. Check it out after the jump.