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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hawks take Game other news Pronger needs some Midol for his PMS

Two more wins until we all get to see Captain Serious hoist that silver beauty over his head!
The next two games will be tough as the Blackhawks will be in the Flyers native country. A city that is known for its loyal and dynamic fanbase. Will the Flyers get it together and take Game 3 and 4 at home? Unlikely, the Blackhawks kicked their defense into high gear last night, they were playing tighter and together as a group. Big difference from Game 1. I would like to see Kane and Toews dominate offensively in this series. I keep saying it's coming but the lack thereof is a little daunting, but the balanced Blackhawks have made up with other players scoring goals. A hattrick by Kane in Game 4, now that will make a great NHL History will be made video!

That's a good sign and adds to the woes of Pronger and Co.. The Blackhawks are getting under his skin and rattling the team. Good! Only the strong survive! Weaknesses will not win you a Stanley Cup. Richards, the Flyers captain, had two penalties and Carcillo who was put on this lovely Earth to cause drama was not helping his team. Someone put him back in his cage!

The Flyers goalie, Michael Leighton, looked more focused but he doesn't look comfortable with the increased net presence of the Blackhawks. Would an injured Boucher help the Flyers? Probably not, he is not 100%, though he is well enough to suit up for each game. Despite beating Marty Brodeur and the Devils, I don't think Boucher can beat the Finnish Fortress. Leighton has all the momentum and if Game 1 and 2 are indications of his stability he is getting better but Niemi still holds the power.

Game 3 is Wednesday at 7PM! I'm glad I get an extra hour of sleep as opposed to stay up with Central/Eastern timezone difference. I hope the Hawks beat them 2 games at home, it will be embarrassing but the Flyers deserve it.

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