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Monday, May 31, 2010

Cabbie's Blackhawks video - Chicago Entourage

Cabbie from The Score spoke with some Blackhawks players recently on their off ice responsibilities such as updating their Facebook pages, Twitter, who gets the girls as well as their post game interviews.

Colin Fraser, Patrick Kane, Andrew Ladd, Brian Campbell, and Adam Burish "discuss" how they manage their lives off the ice.

Kaner is hilarious, some people may think he's an cocky airhead, but he's listening to everything and he's not stupid. Don't run up on him with a line because he'll catch!

Plus his mullet glitters... that's right it glitters or glistens?

Most technologically Blackhawk is Soup with his iPad...but Burish probably is the most tech savvy.

No matter how busy the guys are, there is always time for the internet!

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