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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tazer and Kaner pic their ultimate hockey team for NHL2K11

From this article by Rocky Bonanno on, the NHL11 game has a mode that allows you to play in a league. There are some serious AI's added to it and scenarios almost like The Sims, except you don't have to raise a family or worrying about feeding them. But this will definitely achieve what they want for the fans, which is a great, realistic experience of the game.

You assemble your team through a player card system, beginning with a starter pack that contains players from every league in hockey -- NHL, American Hockey League, Canadian Hockey League, and various European leagues -- logo and home and away uniforms, an arena to call your own, a coach, training, contracts, and more. With this starter pack, you are free to begin assembling your lines, managing your contracts, working on team chemistry, training your players, etc.

Wow, this is pretty sweet! I have played many sport games such as MLB10The Show, MLB2K Series, and Madden and I am curious as to see how NHL11 plays out. I am itching for a copy of this for Playstation 3 or Xbox 360!

Toews, Kane and Sedins choose their Ultimate Hockey Team for NHL 11.

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