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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blackhawks star says he prays every night to 'become a better person'

Great article and interview by the Chicago Tribune on Patrick Kane. The piece was candid and honest with Pat. He talked about the cab-driver incident, time with the Stanley Cup and as well as the festivities around Buffalo. I hope you enjoy the read because I did !

Kane had fun-filled, sun-soaked and exhausting days Friday and Saturday as he crisscrossed Buffalo with hockey's most coveted prize. He took it to Niagara Falls, a hospital specializing in cancer treatment, a cemetery to visit the graves of relatives, a hockey rink and his favorite pizzeria, among other stops.

Beyond the reading, there was the discovery of an emotional and spiritual side to Kane, how fiercely loyal he is to friends and family and just how much he wants to be a good man.

"For the past year or so, I've been praying to God every night that he can help me become a better person and help me make a difference not only in sports, but in the world," Kane said Saturday before heading to Chicago, where he was scheduled to bring the Cup onstage at a Jimmy Buffett concert. "Whether that's helping one or two people out, that's what it is. If it's things like (visiting Roswell Park Cancer Institute on Friday), that's even better."

Kane wasn't shy to reveal how emotional he was during Saturday's visit to the graves of his two grandmothers and a family friend.

"I'm an emotional kid, I cried three times," Kane said. "It's just the way I am. I feel like I really have a big heart."

You can read the rest of the article here!

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